Real Keyboard

What Real Keyboard can help you?

Real keyboard provides instant typing at PC.

In-App purchase offers additional Function keys (F1-F12), Editing control keys (Cut & Paste), iTunes controls (Apple OS X) or Media Player controls (Microsoft Windows), Rhythmbox Music Player (Default player for Linux), Speaker Volume control.






Beyond a normal mouse controlled by multi-touches gesture

– “1 finger moves” means MOUSE MOVE,
– “1 finger taps” means LEFT MOUSE CLICK,
– “2 fingers tap” means RIGHT MOUSE CLICK,
– “2 fingers drag” means MOUSE WHEEL SCROLLING.
– “1 finger holds and moves” means DRAG & DROP,
– “2 fingers pinch gesture” means MINIMISE WINDOWS.
– “2 fingers spread gesture” means MAXIMISE WINDOWS,
– “3 fingers drag” means MOVING WINDOWS.
– able to use mouse functions across multiple monitors of PC.



Read more Gesture Summary >> 



Universal app

– works for both iPad & iPhone and Android phone and tablet. Single purchase will let you have iWritingPad on both iPad and iPhone or Android phone and tablet capable to connect to all Mac, Windows and Linux.