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6 thoughts on “Your suggestions are invaluable to us

  • Omar Marfileño

    I bought the app the real keyboard and I have 4 comments
    1. Language Spanish
    2. Mexico Spanish keyboard to type accent and ñ.
    3. The FN key is paramount.
    4. Less space between them to be bigger.

    Help me please, thanks.

    • iWritingPad Support Post author

      Hi Omar,
      Noted with thanks. We will put them in our roadmaps for international keys support.

      For space between keys, do you mind share with us which device you are using? We will evaluate it again.

      Best Regards,

      iWritingPad Support Team

  • Jan Goldreich

    The App is nice – I bought it.
    I would like to see autostart on Windows (Great would be: As a Service)
    The App should hide in the tray-bar!
    I would like to see nicer wallpapers/backgrounds for the app! An uni-background would be nice.
    The real keyboard is badly stretched on the iPad turning the tablet.
    No confirmation option for shuting iwriting down!


    • iWritingPad Support Post author

      Hi Jan,
      Thanks for your valuable comment. Please find my quick comments below on your suggestions. Could you also provide more details on items 4 & 5 below?

      1. ”Auto-Start iWritingPad” after starting Windows could be easily configured by adding iWritingPad to the “auto-start” menu of windows. Such documentation with detail direction is on FAQ about Installation question 11. Please check FAQ.
      2. The App shown in tray bar and running as a service are also our initial consideration of product design. However, after security consideration, we decided to let users to be able to “SEE” our application when iWritingPad is running. It also let users to close it or even easily uninstall it when it is no longer needed. The security and stability on the app is our key considerations to users. We have to let our users feel very safe in running (fallback) our applications on desktops. Particularly, a lot of business (non-technical) users do not understand what “service” means in windows.
      3. For the wallpaper of the app, we will add it to our enhancements items in the future.

      4. Could you elaborate more on your “stretched” issue on iPad or Android Tablet? We see it is critical issue. We will fix it. Could you provide more information? e.g. which version of iWritingPad, iPhone, iPad, or any Android device? In fact, we have not found such issue in our internal testing on all our devices on iOS and Android.
      5. “No Confirmation on shutdown iWritingPad”? Do you refer to Mac OSX desktop? For Microsoft windows, such confirmation is needed before actual shutdown.

      We are more than happy to support you and listen to your comments. Feel free share with us more details.

      Best Regards,

      iWritingPad Support Team.

  • BobChao

    I’m often mis-performing “minimize-window” gesture when use 2 finger to scroll pages. Not sure if anything can be improve to prevent the mis-performing but maybe you can provide a “disable specific gestures” option in the app?


    • iWritingPad Support

      Hi Bob,
      Thanks for your suggestions. Instead of bypassing the problem, we would like to solve the root cause of the problem if possible. Could you share with us the following information for our trouble shooting.
      1. Android version with which model of Android phone / Tablet, or
      2. iOS version and which model of iPhone / Tablet.
      3. What is your operating system of PC computer, e.g. Mac OSX 10 or Microsoft windows 10?
      4. What is your iWritingPad version on your mobile devices?

      With the information above, we will recommend actions to try to solve the problem firstly. The other way (last resort) is to provide “Sensitivity” option about “minimise-windows” of 2 figures pinch gestures in the ‘Settings” menu in the future release.