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6 thoughts on “Report issues

  • Souchière

    Thank you for your answer. For an other reason, I had to reinstall ubuntu and after I installed “Iwritingpad”. And now it turns well, without any problem.
    So a real thank you for the rapidity and the efficiency of your answer.

    Best regards

    Mr Souchiere

    • iWritingPad Support

      Hi Souchière,
      It is our pleasure to learn that your issue was solved. Hope you enjoy our product.

      In order to have momentum to continue to improve the product and other apps, I would highly appreciate if you could provide a high rating in the app store. Thanks for your support!

      Having said that, we are also listening to our customer for any recommendation of feature and enhancements. Feel free share with us any idea.


      iWritingPad Support Team

  • Souchière


    I can’t control the mouse. I purchased all the versions of keyboard, I can use the keyboards, but the mouse doesn’t move.
    My computer is on ubuntu (the last version).
    I followed all the steps, I registered the port :53238 on my firewall but it doesn’t resolve my issue.
    Thank for your answer.

    • iWritingPad Support Post author

      Hi Souchière,
      Thanks for your purchasing and support to our products.

      As you are able to control the keyboard, it implies firewall and the port 53238 are well configured and should not be the cause of your issue.

      It appears to me that there are issues in installation. As a quick fixes, have you tried the following 2 commands and then re-run ./iwritingpad_install again as follows.

      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get -f install

      If the problem still persists, could you share with us the following information about ubuntu and iWritingPad?
      1. what is the version of Ubuntu installed?
      2. Are you running on Ubuntu on Virtual Machine? If yes, which virtual machine you are using and on what platform (Mac? or Windows 10?)
      2. what is the version of iWritingPad you are using and on which platform Android / iOS?

      If you think it is inconvenient to continue to trouble shooting, please ask Apple to file request for Refund. Customer satisfaction to our products are guaranteed. If it is due to whatever reason that our product does not work on your computer, we can offer refund. Having said that, we hope we could continue to work with you to understand the problem in the details. Please send us the detail information as requested above.

      Looking forward to your reply again.

      Best Regards,

      iWritingPad support team.

  • Norbert Stelzer

    Hi there,
    I have an issue with the iwritingpad software.
    Have it installed on an ipad pro and a Linux Ubuntu Laptop. Most of the time it works like expected.
    Sometimes it gets stuck and has to be started new on both devices to work again.
    Please try to fix this.

    Have also a suggestion for next release:
    Please create a german keyboard-layout. Would be great!

    And another question:
    Why does the real keyboard not fit the whole width of the screen?

    Thank you! :-)

    • iWritingPad Support Post author

      Hi Norbert,
      Thanks for your comment.

      Issues Reported

      #1) Intermittent non-function of iWritingPad on ubuntu desktop, we will try to fix it in the coming release. Meanwhile, iWritingPad is very stable and rarely problem happened. It is first time I got such report from our customer. I had similiar experience and finally it turned out to be the following causes.

      1. Unstable network which causes the intermittent data transmission interruption between iWritingPad and Computer.
      2. Computer with multiple network installed besides wifi and a normal network card for cable wire network. Sometimes, it happens to virtual machines. However, once it is connected, there will be no more problems. It is unlikely to be the cause of your case.
      3. Sometimes, when we control iWritingPad, we accidentally click the “Close” or “Exit” button on iWritingPad desktop client program. Particularly, when we re-start the iWritingPad desktop client program, the default mouse cursor may be on the area of “Close” or “Exit” button.

      iWritingPad on Ubuntu are the recent development with the most advance features. You may even use iWritingPad to type on Ubuntu’s logon screen.

      We will study such issue in details. Please also provide more information, regarding under what circumstances, when the incident happens again. You may send email to us directly for this case at iwritingpad.support@outlook.com

      #2) Keyboard not fit on the whole screen
      This “observation” is known for iPad Pro. We are thinking, with iPad Pro such large screen, that such large iWritingPad keyboard may not be too much helpful to the end users. Please let us know if it is really inconvenient for you to use. We are listening to every comment made by users. With strong comments from users, we may include such enhancements in the future release.

      Enhancement recommendation
      Your suggestion on German keyboard layout is a great. This will be put to our future enhancement list.

      Million thanks for your suggestions again and continued support to us.

      iWritingPad Support team.